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Theta has long specialised in recruitment for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries. The company operates both in Italy and abroad, focusing on the needs of companies involved in integrated engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance of industrial plants. Theta consolidated expertise allows it to offer solutions targeted at the specific requirements of complex projects, through the careful selection of qualified personnel.

About us: Oil & Gas talent search and selection company

As a head hunter specialising in the recruitment of young talent in the technical and engineering sector, Theta mission is to meet the needs of engineering companies, EPC contractors and end users. We are dedicated to recruiting and placing highly qualified professionals, focusing on the search and development of young profiles in the industry.

Our main objective is to provide companies with resources that not only meet the technical and engineering requirements of projects, but also bring tangible added value. We are committed to identifying young talent with extraordinary potential, offering them opportunities for professional growth and development in the dynamic and challenging environment of the Oil & Gas industry.

Our vision is to help build high-performance and innovative teams, harnessing the talent of the next generation to shape the future of the industry.

Theta is active with expertise and experience in both the Italian and international markets, with a presence in several areas, including Europe, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Central and South America. Our ability to operate on a global scale reflects our desire to provide integrated solutions and high-quality services in diverse geographic contexts. We are proud to contribute to the success of projects around the world, ensuring a consistent level of professionalism and commitment.

The services for which we provide qualified personnel

The services offered by Theta range from engineering and construction to the start-up and maintenance of industrial plants. What distinguishes Theta as a company specialising in the recruitment of personnel for the Oil & Gas sector is its commitment to providing the client not only with high-level skills, but also with a team of dedicated professionals.

The services we offer to companies and for which we recruit emerging and qualified talent are:

Design and engineering services

Including the construction of grass root industrial plants and the implementation of engineering improvements in existing plants (revamping)

Consultancy and project management services

Through a team of professionals specialised in optimising costs and schedules to achieve project objectives, ensuring high levels of quality

Construction Management and Site Supervision services

Focused on FEED phases and detailed engineering activities

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start-up services

Providing support from the planning phase to the commissioning of the plant

Theta fields of application

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Do you want to establish yourself as a professional in the field of engineering?

As a company specialising in the search and selection of emerging engineering talent, Theta offers a unique opportunity for young design engineers from different disciplines to gain work experience in international contexts, working with prestigious clients in the Oil & Gas, Pharma, Chemical and other industries. Explore available career opportunities or send us an unsolicited application and join our team.

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